How to make a Google Scholar Profile

Why a Google Scholar Profile is a good idea:

Google Scholar offers a very popular way to create a profile that showcases your papers and the citations they have received. This can be linked to your other websites. More importantly, anyone who finds one of your papers on google scholar will be able to click on your name to go to your site and see all your papers.

Pretty much anyone who publishes papers should get a google scholar profile. All you need is to have a university email address.

Setting up an account should only take a few minutes.

To see a few examples:


What you need to set up an account:

1) a googlemail account. If you do not have one, simply go to and set one up, you simply need to pick a user name and password.

2) a photo of you (optional, but a good idea)


How to set up your account:

1) Go to Google Scholar (

2) Click on “my citations” at the top of the screen

3) The first page will ask for you university affiliation, and your university email, so that google scholar can confirm you are really you. Add any relevant keywords to make your account easier to search for. You should also add a link to your university homepage. You can also add a photo at this point.

4) Add your publications. Simply run a search on google scholar for your name, and add your publications that come up. If any old ones are not listed, you can add them by hand by clicking on “+ Add” in the gray toolbar above your article list.

5) Confirm that google should automatically add new articles as they are published. But if you have a very common name, google might add articles that are not by you. In this case, it is better not to automatically add them, and instead google will email you for a confirmation each time an article appears that it thinks is by you.

6) Add co-authors. Google will automatically locate any co-authors of your papers, and place them in a list to the right of the page. Simply click on the plus sign next to each name to add them as an official co-author.

Congratulations! You have a google scholar profile!

Upkeep: the profile should update itself when you are cited, or when new publications arise. But it is worth checking it every now and then in case it has missed a paper, or given you a publication that is not really yours.

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